Painting exhibition showing the recent works of Bandung Painters who work on the “optical” realistic portrayal. This exhibition emphasizes the trends of ‘new realism’ predominantly influenced by the invention of high-technology optics (cameras, videos, computers, etc). It is also intended as a discourse on the impact of media technology in human’s life nowadays, including in the art practice.
The Artists are Beatrix Hendriani Kaswara, Dadan Setiawan, Dikdik Sayahdikumullah, Harry Cahaya, Iman Sapari, J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, Willy Himawan.
Curated by Agung Hujatnikajennong

August, 24 – September, 14 2007
Venue : Ruang Sayap, Ruang Tengah and Ruang Ruparungu

Friday, August 24, 2007 | 7.00 pm Onward
Venue : Kopi Selasar Plaza
Discussion/ Artist Talk
Saturday, September 8, 2007 | 3.00 – 5.00 pm
Speakers : Agung Hujatnika
Moderator : R. E. Hartanto
Venue : Bale Handap

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Press Realese
Solo Exhibition:
by Jenik DS Andreas
Photography & Poetry Exhibition
‘Soul Print’ Book Launching
Sunday, August 19th 2007 7:30 pm
August 19th – September 2nd 2007
Ruang Mes56
Jl. Nagan Lor 17, Yogyakarta 55131
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Visual Arts Magazine No. 20 August – September


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organized by the house of natural fiber, yogyakarta new media art laboratory (HONF)

Introduction and background


The house of natural fiber, yogyakarta new media art laboratory, was founded in 1999. Our main focus is artistic development and innovation of the arts. We intend to achieve this goal especially by introducing new media art projects and workshops to the cultural environment of Yogyakarta. Every program is aimed at interactivity with the people and their social and cultural environment. Thinking forward, positivity and creativity is the vision for our community. This vision is implemented in every program: we try to develop a symbiosis between art and technology. In our concept of the future of art and technology, the analysis of the specific role of technology within the arts in itself is crucial.
From this perspective we want to organize Cellsbutton#01. YOGYAKARTA INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ART FESTIVAL#01. This will be the first media art festival in Indonesia, which based on educational field. Cellsbutton#01 is a way of introducing a new concept and perspective on art and technology to the cultural framework of Indonesia. The festival intends to relate this to both national and international developments within the field of new media arts..( More Info )
Illusions of Nationalism

200 Years of Raden Saleh


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Valentine Willie Fine Art


Romulo Olazo: The Truth is Still in the Beautiful
On Wednesday, 15th August 2007, at 7.30 pm.
This exhibition opens concurrently with Jonathan Olazo: Memoir in the
project room
Both exhibitions will continue until Saturday, 1 September 2007.
at Borobudor Auction Building
Jl. Tanah Abang no.25
Jakarta Pusat 10160

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coverwomenAt last, after over 70 years of Indonesian modern Indonesian history, women
artists will be getting their due in a uniquely fresh book on modern and contemporary visual arts in Indonesia. Guided by the works of 34 women artists who in one or the other way played their roles in the development of modern and contemporary art in Indonesia, the authors follow the artists’ lives revealing the quality and the intrinsic relation between life and work of the artists selected. The authors, are all Indonesian women and professional in their field. Carla Bianpoen has covered art for over 18 years, published in The Jakarta Post, The Indonesian Observer, Asian Art News and the Visual Arts magazine. Farah Wardani is a curator/writer, with a Master’s degree in Art History from Goldsmith College, London, while Wulan Dirgantoro is a curator/writer, with a Master’s degree in Art Curatorship from the University of Melbourne. Indonesian Women Artists: The Curtain Opens, 23 x 28 cm, fully colored, and printed on lumy silk paper will be launched on 1 August at the National Gallery in Jakarta.( More Info )



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Painting exhibition by SYAH FADIL Opening : Friday, July 27, 2007 at 7 PM At Lontar Gallery Jl. Utankayu 68 H Jakarta Timur 13120.
Exhibition will be held until Thursday, August 16, 2007 More info


At Semarang Gallery

28 Jul, 2007 – 06 Aug, 2007

Group Exhibition by:
Curator : RIFKY EFFENDY. (More info)

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Jin Zi & Sun Xiaoli

From 18 Jul ’07 To 18 Aug ’07

ART SEASONS is proud to present 2 young female artists, Jin Zi & Sun Xiaoli. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of women artists working in China today. Coinciding with the Chinese Pavilion at this year’s 52nd Venice Biennale that features three female artists, ART SEASONS is introducing a new group of young, talented female artists living and working in Beijing today.Increasing, the importance of the contribution of women artists to China’s social, economic, political and artistic restructuring can be seen and is becoming widely discussed. When in the past, their work and artistic expressions have been marginalised, this group of young female artists are….( More Info )

ruangrupa presents:
3rd Jakarta International Video Festival
10 – 27 July 2007

119 videoworks
art projects
workshops series 12 cities
sites, 125 videoworks

10 july 2007 | 19.30
at Galeri Nasional Indonesia
jl. Medan Merdeka Timur 14 – Jakarta Pusat

“OK! LOUNGE” Electronic Music & Installation
Featuring: Summer in Berlin, Viva Los Amigos, H.F.M.F Records, Bondi Ned Hensel, DubYouth

11 – 27 JULI 2007

“VIDEO IN” exhibition at Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Open Daily: 11.00 – 16.00 & 17.00 – 21.00

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Trading Craft

‘What is curating? How do you define the role of curators, especially their working relationship with artists in creating and presenting contemporary art in Asia?’ These are the questions posed by Khairuddin Hori in an interesting project that usurps the role of the curator, placing them in the realm of performance … maybe it is a pun on our expectation for them to ‘to perform’. Including Thomas J Berghuis (PhD dissertation on Performance Art in China, University of Sydney), the young Malaysian curator Adeline Ooi, Malaysia’s renowned artist and curator Wong Hoy Cheong, Mikke Susanto from Indonesia and Thai curator Chumpon Apisuk, the project was performed / exhibited at The Substation Singapore through May and will be performed at ‘The Art Centre’, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, on 28 June through 21 July. This project was organised by LASALLEs Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore.






IVAA•OnlineIndonesian Visual Art Archive


www.karbonjournal. org
contemporary art, urban studies & visual culture in Indonesia

Culture@Xperiments ~ An Intercultural, Interactive, Internet ExperimentASEF’s Cultural Exchange Department invited 5 pairs (each combined of one Asian and one European artist) of ASEF alumni to create a collaborative online intercultural and interactive art work. Based on the concept of the popular “Photoshop Tennis” each pair is to create a collaborative online artwork entitled EMBRACING DIVERSITY, BRIDGING PEOPLES, SHAPING PARTNERSHIPS through this Culture@Xperiments blog. The evolution of the final piece will be documented here through regular entries over the course of 3 weeks. All discussions between team-mates will be done online through this medium so that visitors to this blog will have a voyeuristic view of the thought processes behind the aesthetic decisions made in the creation of these masterpieces. Visitors are also encouraged to comment on the works in progress. All five pieces will be showcased in an exhibition at the ASEF premises as part of the 10th Anniversary commemorative celebrations on the 13th of April 2007 as well as in an online …( more )

Dreaming of a Trojan Horse

Artist Heri Dono and his Trojan Horse

It’s not everyday that there is excitement about an art exhibition closing – but The Dream Republic is not an everyday exhibition. Until April 27, visitors will be able to watch, and even participate in, the construction of a giant Trojan Horse in this open studio exhibition at UniSA’s South Australian School of Art (SASA) Gallery. The Dream Republic, which includes artwork that deals with repression of free speech and art terrorism, is part of the seven-week residency of internationally-renowned Indonesian artist Heri Dono being hosted by SASA with the generous support of the Helpmann Academy. Using installation, painting, puppetry and performance, Yogyakarta-based Dono engages with contemporary issues and Indonesian mythology to explore the position of the individual within society…( More Info )


The 12th International Triennial of Tapestry 2007

At the meeting on June 5th 2006 in secret ballot the Programming Board decided that the 10th National polish Exhibition of Tapestry will take place – as in 2004 – in the building – seat of the Central Museum of Textiles. The exhibition of the 8th National Polish exhibition of Ministure Textiles, following long tradition will also take place in the Central Museum of Textiles. Throughout the whole year 2007 various events, exhibitions, retreats organized by various textile art communities all over Poland will accompany the main event and will contribute to the great tradition of a textile art celebration. Until the date of the programming Board meeting 33 such events were submitted. The list remains open. …( More Info )




Call for Submissions: Residency at ARCUS Studio
The ARCUS studio in Ibaraki, Japan, is calling for submissions from emerging artists in their late twenties or thirties for a residency in late August through mid-December 2007 – rather specific! The ARCUS Project is organized by the Ibaraki Prefectural Government and with a focus on nurturing grounds for international exchange in the arts as well as in the local community. To date, 62 artists from 22 countries/regions have been invited to participate. Studios are available for a maximum of 4 months and an expected 5 artists will be invited for 2007 (1 Japanese and 4 non-Japanese). The residency includes airfare, production fee, living expense, studio, accommodation, opportunities for presentations and publication. For more information and an application form visit Applications must be received by ARCUS Studio on 31 March (applications postmark dated March 31 are NOT valid). The final results will be announced the end of June 2007.

The Third Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2008
Colors are just like the beautiful rainbow connecting our dream and reality, as well as art and the Olympics. “Colors” are the symbol of art and beauty. The theme “Colors and Olympism” is a vivid depict on the close relationship between the 3rd Beijing International Art Biennale and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The variety of colors implies the diversity of human’s culture. Meanwhile, they could melt into colorful modern scenes…( More Info )

Performance art is an expression of contemporary art; appear not only through a single medium, boundless to galleries, stage nor time. With an open definition for further sense and meanings, a performance art work often rely and adjusted with the artist’s ideas. Perfurbance art Festival is a performance art festival on public spaces referring to growths of urbanized society and its complication…(More download : english_perfurbance__3_without_artists_list_budget_.doc )

OK. Video - biannual Jakarta International Video Festival


In this 3rd OK.Video Festival, we will try to develop a collaboration work between the artistic team of the festival with the participating artists or with the context of a certain public space. This collaboration work will try to get an artistic strategy that could be fit with the context of the community, public and certain space. The theme of the 3rd OK.Video Festival is “MILITIA“, means to empowered the civilians in a more organize way or by plan so it also mobilize and connected with some activity that push some changes which is initiated from itself. In this context, we relate this theme with the development of video as the medium in the society today. With this focus we will try to empower the society as a technology and media user to build a social, political, cultural, and historical consciousness towards the reality that happened in our surroundings. (more : )

Res Artis Worldwide Network of Artst Residencies
is the largest existing network of artist residency programmes, representing the interests of more than 200 centers and organisations in 40 countries worldwide that offer to international artists facilities and conditions conducive for making art. Res Artis is The International Association of Residential Arts Centres, a foundation based in the Netherlands. Its membership is made up of arts centres and artist’s organisations that encourage the development of contemporary art and artists through residential artist exchange programs.Res Artis began in 1993 as a volunteer organisation to represent and support the needs of residential arts centres and programs internationally through dynamic exchanges and face-to-face meetings…( More Info)

Trans Artists. The biggest source of information on artist-in-residence opportunities world wide.
It’s impossible to imagine culture today without international artist-in-residence programs. Demand and supply are increasing greatly. New residency models offer a diverse picture of artist-in-residence programs. All the more reason to offer reliable and up-to-date information about residency opportunities world wide. That’s what Trans Artists does…( More )


On Nov.19, 2006, the 2nd Screening took place. The judges examined the international works, which had passed the 1st Screening, together with works submitted from within Japan. Through an incredibly strict selection process, the following ten works won the prizes and 64 works were selected.
The 74 outstanding works of the prize winning and the selected will be exhibited at THE BEPPU ASIA BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2007, which will be held at Beppu Art Museum, Japan, through Jan.16, 2007-Feb.15, 2007.The competition received a total of 582 entries, 276 of which came from 35 countries and regions of the world, and 306 of which came from within Japan.We thank all those who submitted entries to THE BEPPU ASIA BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2007…( more )

Out Now !! Catalogue of Stitching the Wound

Internationally recognized and a familiar face on the world biennale/triennale circuit, Arahmaiani, one of Indonesia’s foremost contemporary visual and performance artists, was in Bangkok in June 2006 to stage a new project in collaboration with Jim Thompson. Arahmaiani’s Bangkok project Stitching the Wound, actively involved young women from the Baan Krua weaving community located across the canal from the Jim Thompson House, focuses on Muslim issues as a basis for a broader exploration of marginalization, identity and communication….( More Info )

fionabook.jpgFiona Tan

The Biennale of Sydney 2006 invited Indonesian-born artist Fiona Tan to select images from the family photo albums of about 90 residents of the city, to create a wall installation of the photos at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and this book. Tan, who is known for her insightful examinations of the culture of the West through collective portraiture, uses the “vox populi” – the voice of the people – to recreate Australia, in a sense, through these personal snapshots. Loosely arranged into three familiar categories – Portrait, Home and Nature – the photos Tan chooses capture private yet everyday moments, including siblings,…( More )

January 2007 alm07_cover_web.jpgOut Now!!

As part of the growth strategy for this now 13 year old magazine, which is devoted exclusively to covering the exciting art and artists of the Asia-Pacific region, we announce the release of the second volume of our annual series called The Almanac. This annual editon presents both a review of the year just past and forecasts the trends in the year to come….( More )

bukukoes.jpgBook Release

MODERN INDONESIAN ART From Raden Saleh to The Present Day

Published by Koes Artbooks
A lexicon of Modern Indonesian Artists also saw the light this year. Comprising information on about 300 artists, from Raden Saleh to the present day the book is edited by Koes Karnadi.


What is contemporary art? While we are still struggling to define the general notion of contemporary art, another question is looming: What is contemporary Indonesian art? Some scholars have tried to establish a definition through a historiographical approach into the usage of the word “contemporary” in Indonesian art speak. In their new book and accompanying exhibition, Enin Supriyanto and Marc Bollansee present their views on the development of contemporary Indonesian art through the works of 30 artists..(review by Amir Sidharta : )

nugroho-2006-01.jpgThe Asia–Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) is the Queensland Art Gallery’s flagship international contemporary art event. Established in 1993, it is the only major series of exhibitions in the world to focus exclusively on the contemporary art of Asia and the Pacific, including Australia. The fifth APT (APT5) will be the opening exhibition at the new Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) — the Queensland Art Gallery’s much-anticipated second building, which will be the largest gallery of modern art in Australia. APT5 will also be shown in the original Gallery building, with displays across both sites making the exhibition twice the scale of previous Triennials..( see : )


Yogyakarta-based artists Nindityo Adipurnomo and Mella Jaarsma, founders of artist space Cemeti Art House, were honored with the Asian Cultural Council’s (ACC) John D. Rockefeller 3rd Award, 2005, in New York in May. The annual award, established in 1986, includes a grant of USD 30,000 and celebrates individuals contributing to the international understanding and practice of visual and performing arts in Asia…(more : )

On Cultural Influence

ocicoversm.jpgoffers a unique perspective of international viewpoints of the changing cultural landscape. This collection presents over thirty papers delivered at three apexart international conferences: Wroclaw, Poland (1999), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2001), and Honolulu, Hawaii (2004). The continuing conference series entitled Inside Out: Reassessing International Cultural Influence is intended to promote an open dialog among notable cultural practitioners, including curators, writers, historians, arts managers, artists, sociologists and others, about various cultural concerns and how they change from each gathering to the next and differ among the participants. The wide range of perspectives and wealth of examples and references to artistic activity around the world offered in the papers of On Cultural Influence will provide a valuable resource for teachers and students of art, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies, as well as for all readers interested in diverse views of culture in a changing society…( More )